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From Soil to Skin

The science behind the formulations.

From soil to skin, this mantra is our guiding principle which shapes our action towards the biotic and abiotic environment.

The Skin (Biotic)

The living part of the environment, represented by ‘skin’ in our mantra. The skin is the largest organ in our body. It is our covering. The part of our body that is seen by others, and the shield that protects us from external damages. If the skin is compromised, the breach can cause potential damage to our internal organs.

The Soil (Abiotic)

The nonliving part of our environment is represented by ‘soil’ in our mantra. The soil is like your pantry. It is where ready-to-use nutrients for all life are kept. If the soil is not adequately sustained, nutrients for all life will be compromised.

How We Care

Non Comedogenic, 100% Safe

We will develop products that will maintain the integrity of the skin.

Biodegradable Packaging

We continue to research and develop products and packaging that are safe to the skin and soil respectively.

Globally Sourced

We obtain certified organic raw materials directly from local communities around the world.

Giving Back

We support organizations that are working to support women leaders and promote sustainability of our environment.

How We Care:

How We Care: Research

We continue to research and develop products that maintain the integrity of the skin.

How We Care:

How We Care: Responsibility

We support fair trade agriculturalists from Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, India, and South America. We painstakingly seek organic ingredients to ensure minimal disruption of the natural environment.

How We Care:

How We Care: Giving

We are committed to giving back to organizations that work earnestly to improve sustainability and increase the chances of ensuring that our Earth remains a safe haven for generations to come.