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"Each batch is made by hand, imbued with love, and formulated to heal and nourish the skin."

— Dr. Mubo Amaku, Ph.D., Founder

Our Mission

Alocoshe was founded in 2021. Our responsibility is to create evidence based formulations from soil to skin. We meticulously test and source organic ingredients from global communities for potent, effective skincare solutions.

We recognize the power of women as the foundation, ultimate creator, cornerstone of our society, and commander of markets. By purchasing from local communities, we support women to raise foundations of many generations. Each batch is made by hand, imbued with love, and formulated with the intent of healing and nourishment of the skin.


It began with my mom’s passion for all things natural. We lived in a house with a huge compound in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, with an abundance of herbals, botanicals, and natural resources, such as dongoyaro (neem), papaya, lemongrass, lime, orange and bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina).

My mom would often make herbal teas (agbo) from any combination of these leaves when we were ill. She also obtained shea butter from her hometown, Ilaro, Ogun state, Nigeria, whenever she went home to visit her folks. As the shea butter was precious, we could only use it as a muscle rub for sprains and muscle aches.

Fast Forward

Now a mother of five, two of my girls have “ashy skin”. Imagine the embarrassment of being called for a parent-teacher conference because your child has ashy skin! The other child was nicknamed, "Ashy Queen" in high school. I tried all kinds of creams and lotions with little or no appreciable result.

With a PhD in Environmental Toxicology and years of experience as a research scientist, I decided to go back to the lab and my roots to find natural remedy for my children’s dry skin conditions. I reviewed literature and asked questions from elders who deal with herbs in the villages.

We have been using the home-made product in the family since 2010! My daughters shared their mom’s home-made cream with friends at school and they loved it! So, for back to campus, I made sure to include extra jars of Alocoshé’s Simply Effective Skin Therapy for my daughters’ friends. Not surprisingly, we have heard reports that with constant use, the cream is effective in clearing blemishes, ring worm, relieves eczema, etc.!

Simply Amazing!


Dr. Mubo Amaku, Ph.D.

We love because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19